We Are Empire Roofing

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In 1982, Empire Roofing was co-founded by Ronnie and Sandra McGlothlin with an initial team of eight roofing professionals wedged into small office in their humble home. “We had a passion to set the quality standard by which all other roofing companies are measured. We embraced customer focused principals of companies including Maytag and UPS who were also dissatisfied with the status quo. We committed to guarantee clients more than they expect and always receive what they paid for”.

Beginning whit a few commercial and industrial projects, the “Empire Way” became recognizable through the immaculate condition of their equipment, their clean and organized worksites and the visible pride in their roofing installations. The Empire Way directly contributed to exceptional client and employee loyalty. Empire added locations based on client requests; seven of the initial eight employees still serve clients everyday! Empire Roofing has flourished with revenues exceeding $60 million driven by an exceptional team of over 300 employees.

The success was such, that Empire Roofing has continuously faced the necessity of creating new operating areas based on their clients’ needs; that was how in 2007, the company finally settled formally in Mexico in order to have a fully functional and efficient service response to whichever projects their American partners had; and of course, to attract new clients with a service like no other.

Our Vision and Promise


Recognizing the lowest installed Price is not typically the best financial solution, Empire goes beyond client expectations and provides comprehensive life cycle analysis and options driven through a portfolio of services supporting expense and capital budgets, inspection, emergency and permanent repairs, preventative maintenance and roof replacements. Historically, only 5% of Empire`s Jobs require a change order.


Viewing manufacturer specifications as only the minimum requirements: Empire successfully installs more tan 2.5 million square feet annually whit under 1/10 of 1% call backs requested.


Excelling in Project management to assure client satisfaction; Empire has achieved 90% loyalty. Specifically, we identify and implement best practices found throughout the US to improve effectiveness and efficiencies including pre-planning, project staging, Project management, close out and punch list procedures and long term client satisfaction assurance.


OSHA minimum requirements are just a starting point; Empire is ranked in the top 1% in the roofing industry. This creates a better environment for our employees and our clients.

Earning trust from the

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